MAUSD Food Service

Please visit the MAUSD Food Service Cooperative website where you can find menus, prepayment options and nutrition information.

Prepayment with

This system will help simplify payment for school meals. This service is a website where you can pay for school meals using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit cards, or e-checks. You can also check your students’ meals purchases anytime.


There are no fees to use this service.  Any fees assessed by the company are absorbed by the ANESU Food Service Cooperative in order to support family participation in the service. Participation in this service is voluntary; you may enroll at any time. The system allows you to check your student’s account activity and also make deposits to your student’s account.

Payment Options:

mySchoolBucks enables parents to keep track of their child’s account balance at any time.  You will receive e-mail notifications when the balance is getting low and you can set up regular payments if you wish to do so.

Individual payments can be made on-line at any time. 

Getting Started:

To get started, you will first enroll at You will be asked for your state and then the school district which is:  ADDISON NORTHEAST SU LUNCH PROGRAM. Then you will enter your contact information and create a log-in name and password which will be used each time you log in.  You will also need to set up the student account using your student(s)’ school ID#.   This ID# can be found on your food service account statements or you can call the food service program at your school to obtain the number from the manager.  There is also the option of clicking on a direct link to the ANESU Foodservice Cooperative office e-mail to request your ID#.  You should get a response within 24 hours or sooner.    Please note that a valid email address is required and that mySchoolBucks stores any necessary personal information in a secure, offline database which is accessed only to process payments and send payment confirmations via email. 

Even if you previously used Café Prepay you will have to create a new account on this system.

Getting Help:

You have a number of options for getting help with this process if you have questions.  Below is a link to the mySchoolBucks Getting Started Guide and a Frequently Asked Questions document. In addition you can click on the Help/FAQ link on the mySchoolBucks web site at the bottom of the home page.

You can always call Kathy Alexander in the ANESU Food Service Cooperative Office at 802-453-2333 ext 1004 or email at

mySchoolBucks Getting Started Guide

mySchoolBucks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Thank you for using this system to pay for student meals.  Our program can best provide healthy meals to students when student accounts are prepaid.  Extending credit to students for meals is very difficult, so the debit system works much better. We appreciate your understanding and your efforts to help our program work well for all of us.