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Representatives of the governing boards of the member districts of the Addison Northeast Supervisory Union, together with representatives of the Addison Northeast Education Association who represent teachers and education support personnel, are currently negotiating successor collective bargaining agreements for the agreements that will expire on June 30, 2017. In preparation for these negotiations, representatives participated in four (4) Alternative Bargaining training sessions conducted by Cynthia Jeffries, a commissioner with the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.

At the conclusion of this training, Board and Association representatives decided to conduct this round of contract negotiations using a collaborative model referred to as Critical Issue Bargaining (“CIB”). Given the parties’ lack of experience with CIB, they also agreed to have Commissioner Jeffries mediate all of their direct discussions with each other. Commissioner Jeffries has explained that to facilitate contract negotiations as a mediator, she would need to meet with the parties without other persons present so that her communications with the parties could be kept confidential.

On the evening of December 13, 2016, the parties met with Commissioner Jeffries to discuss ground rules for conducting negotiations. The meeting with Commissioner Jeffries occurred in executive session, with the public excluded. Prior to holding the executive session, the Bargaining Council Chair explained the mediation process that the parties were using for negotiations and Commissioner Jeffries’ role in the process.

The Bargaining Council entered executive session on December 13, 2016, without first making the specific finding required by 1 V.S.A. section 313(a)(1) that premature general public knowledge would clearly place the Bargaining Council at a substantial disadvantage. The absence of this finding in the motion to enter executive session could be viewed as a violation of the Open Meeting Law. The Bargaining Council mistakenly considered the above-mentioned explanation by the Council Chair to be sufficient to fulfill the requirements of the Open Meeting Law.

After ending the executive session, the Bargaining Council considered and approved a motion to adopt the ground rules for the negotiations. To address

.the potential non-compliance of the motion to hold an executive session on December 13, 2016, the Bargaining Council, at a meeting held within 14 days, will ratify the Bargaining Council’s adoption of the ground rules for negotiations with the Addison Northeast Education Association and will confirm that, prior to holding an executive session to consider contracts, labor relations agreements with employees, arbitration and/or mediation, the Council must make a specific finding that premature general public knowledge would clearly place the Bargaining Council or a person involved at a substantial disadvantage.

We are not prepared to acknowledge that negotiations that have occurred between Addison Northeast Education Association representatives and a gathering of less than a quorum of the Bargaining Council were in violation of the Open Meeting Law.

However, at a meeting held within 14 days, the Bargaining Council will announce a list of dates when any such negotiation sessions took place and its decision to refrain from holding any negotiation sessions between Addison Northeast Education Association representatives and a gathering of less than a quorum of the Bargaining Council unless and until a Vermont court rules that such negotiation sessions are not in violation of the Open Meeting Law.

Please direct any questions regarding this statement to Patrick Reen, Superintendent, Addison Northeast Supervisory Union.

Community Representative needed for Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center Board

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The Mt Abraham Board is currently looking for a community member to represent the 5 Town community on the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center Board.  The commitment to this position is currently attending the monthly Board meeting (2nd Wednesday of the month).  It is possible, if you join additional Board committees, that you would attend more meetings.  If you are interested in being appointed to this position, please email Dawn Griswold (  The Mt Abraham Board would like to appoint a community member at their next meeting (3/28), if possible.  

Invitation to New District Annual Meeting

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Please join us on Thursday, February 16 at 6PM at Mt. Abraham in the Large Cafeteria to formally open the new ANESD Unified School District! There will be a brief ceremony, a short meeting, and cake and beverages to celebrate this historic event!  

Strategic Plan Development

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Over the past several weeks we have been making progress in our strategic plan development.  Most notable is the development of a vision for ANESU, Shaping Our Future Together!  Use the links below to learn more about the strategic plan development thus far including next steps, the vision, mission and Ends as well as ways to get involved in the strategic planning process.

Mount Abraham Renovation Committee Charge

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The Mt Abraham School Board shall form a Renovation Committee and charge the committee to determine facility needs and shape a potential bond measure to go before the 5 Town voters in the 2017-2018 School YearThe Committee shall research, draft, present, and work with the Board or any other ANESU capital improvement committee to implement a facility renovation/building plan for Mt. Abraham High School, including a time table for a bond vote and construction. The committee will gather information and community feedback to present a proposed bond project recommendation to the ANESU Superintendent, who will in turn use the proposal to inform his recommendation to the Mt Abraham Middle/High School Board and/or ANESD Board for final approval. The recommendation shall include a time table for a bond vote and construction. The Committee shall submit its plan to the Superintendent of Schools no later than August 1, 2017.

The committee shall take into consideration all factors necessary to ensure: (a) Mt Abraham has the resources to meet its Education goals for students (see ENDS policy), (b) the total cost and tax impact of a potential bond is financially viable for the 5 Town voters given the current economic climate, (c) safety and efficient maintenance of the facility and infrastructure needs meet state and/or ANESU expectations.  The committee shall consist of no more than 11 members, comprising of Board Members and ANESD members, Staff, Students and Community members.  A Board Member shall be appointed the chair of this Committee.  The Superintendent of Schools, Mt Abraham Principal,  ANESU Chief Financial Officer, and ANESU Facilities Director  shall be ex-officio – non-voting members of the committee.  Members of the committee will be chosen by an application process, in which letters of interest shall be submitted to the Mt Abraham Chair, Dawn Griswold , no later than February 17, 2017.  The entire committee shall be appointed by the Board Chair as soon as practicable but no later than the February 28, 2017.

Letter from Superintendent, Patrick Reen

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Addison Northeast Supervisory Union
72 Munsill Avenue, Building 6, Suite 601, Bristol, VT 05443
Phone: (802) 453-3657 ~ ~ Fax: (802) 453-2029

September 2016

Hello ANESU Families,

            I hope your summer was filled with a lot of great family time!  I also hope you and your children had a chance to recharge and get ready for what is promising to be an outstanding 2016-2017 school year!  

I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to return to work in ANESU since leaving my sixth grade classroom at Bristol Elementary School eight years ago.  I know, and have always known, ANESU does amazing things for its students and I am thrilled to return home to take part in the great work happening in my own community. 

            It has been a steep learning curve for me so far.  I am rapidly learning more and more about the scope of work before me as a superintendent.  While my responsibilities may be vast, I believe my primary role is to support principals and teachers as they work to improve the lives of children in our schools.  After all, that is the reason we, as an organization, exist.  

            I am routinely impressed by the hardworking individuals within ANESU.  To focus all of this hard work we need to come together as a five-town community to create greater clarity around the purpose and direction for our school system.  In order to achieve this I will be working with various stakeholders to develop a process to bring our five-town community together to articulate a vision for ANESU.  A common vision will assist students, staff and community members in developing a strategic plan with specific action steps needed to realize our vision.  With clarity of purpose and specific action steps we can be confident our hard work is focused on getting us where we want to be.

            These are exciting times in ANESU!  I encourage you all to take advantage of opportunities to help shape the future of our schools.  I look forward to working with you!


Patrick J. Reen

Superintendent of Schools



ANESU Welcomes New Superintendent Patrick Reen

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Patrick Reen online_2509.jpg

BRISTOL — Middlebury Union Middle School Principal Patrick Reen has been chosen to be the next Addison Northeast Supervisory Union Superintendent. Reen will begin as Superintendent July 1.

Residents in the five towns that comprise the ANeSU, and members of the school community, met with Reen Monday afternoon, and the ANeSU board interviewed the 37-year-old Bristol resident on Monday evening.

After a meeting of more than two hours, “the board agreed unanimously to offer him the position,” board Chair Dawn Griswold wrote in an email to the Independent.

Griswold and board Vice Chair Brad Bull reached an agreement in principle with Reen on an employment contract. Details will be released after the contract is finalized, Griswold said.

“The Board wishes to express its gratitude to the students, staff, and community members for their work on the Superintendent Search Committee,” Griswold’s statement concluded. “They were engaged and committed to the search process, and their work provided an invaluable contribution to our district.”

“I am truly excited to be rejoining the exceptional, innovative team of educators in Addison Northeast Supervisory Union,” Reen told the Independent. “I couldn't be happier with the thought of being a part of the great work happening in the supervisory union I call home.”

Reen spent Monday visiting all of the ANeSU schools and talking with students, staff, teachers, administrators and community members before interviewing with the ANeSU board that night.

At a lively forum for the community, hosted at Mount Abraham Union High School, Reen spoke easily with teachers and community members, answering questions about his background, working style, his vision for the supervisory union — even bringing humor into complicated issues of school governance policy and district unification under Act 46.

Reen introduced himself by saying that he came to education because of his desire to help others. Having started as a classroom teacher, he transitioned to school leadership so that he could have even more of an impact on more kids.

At the forum, Reen demonstrated his self-professed collaborative working style, openness and willingness to engage. When asked about his short- and long-term goals for the district, Reen addressed both practical matters — such as getting ANeSU schools better equipped with technology — and what many might see as the heart and soul of leadership, building trust after a series of fractures that ended up with federal mediation and the severing of ties with a standing superintendent.

“A short-term goal for me is trust building,” he said. “I think we’ve lost a lot of trust over the last several years in Addison Northeast, just with all the turmoil that we’ve been through. I don’t see how we can come together and be on the same page about what we want for kids if we don’t trust the people that we’re having these conversations with. So an immediate first thing is just building that trust because from that we can make a lot of other things happen.”

Asked what actions he might take to build trust, Reen emphasized demonstrating trustworthiness by following through on actions and being present in the classrooms.

Reen said it’s important for superintendents to be present in schools; for instance, “people seeing me and having the chance to interact and demonstrating interest in what’s happening between teachers and students because that’s where the magic happens.

“Everything else we do is so that interaction between teachers and students is the best it can be,” he continued. “Results for kids come from interactions between teachers and students. The research is clear that has the most significant impact on student learning. So everything else is just to support that work that’s happening.”

Reen emphasized the importance of creating a long-term vision to achieve excellence, but at the same time stressed the importance of addressing children’s needs right now.

“We need to set pretty lofty goals,” he said. “Mediocrity is not our goal. Excellence is our goal, and we need to set a long-term plan for how we’re going to reach that level of excellence ... (But) we need to really move with some real intentionality in creating that vision so that we can get to work on it. The kids who are sitting in classrooms right now can’t wait for us to make up our minds. We need to figure out what we want for them and begin working toward that.”

Reen also said that given the cost of education, it’s important to make sure that money is being spent to have the maximum impact on students.

Reen has been active in the community as a girls’ sports coach, and has two daughters at Bristol Elementary School. He enjoys hunting, fishing and being outdoors.

The Morrisville native came to Bristol in 2002 as a sixth-grade teacher at Bristol Elementary, after a year teaching third grade at Castleton Elementary School. Reen taught at BES for six years until 2008, when he became assistant principal at MUMS, where he became principal in March 2012. (Officials in the Addison Central Supervisory Union are already looking for a new principal for MUMS, see story here.)

Reen earned his B.A. in Elementary and Special Education from Castleton State College in 2001 and his master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of Vermont in 2008.

“I had a great day March 14 when I toured all of the schools, met with students, teachers, administrators, community members and board members,” Reen said. “I feel like Addison Northeast Supervisory Union is poised to do incredible things to improve outcomes for students, and I look forward to supporting this work for years to come.”

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