Staff Resources

 Link     Used For Used By Other Information
ANESU Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites etc.All ANESU StaffIf you need your account information, please submit a Help Desk ticket request to the technology department.
Teacher Gradebook, class information, attendance.Open to All Teachers 
PowerSchool for secretaries, school administrators and systems administratorsOpen to Designated Staff (secretaries, administrators, etc) 
 PowerTeacher SubsPowerSchool for substitute teachersSubstitutes to access attendance and rosters for classPassword is provided by school secretary on a day by day basis.
  Path Wellness Program Open to All Staff 
 Rubicon Atlas Program Open to Teachers and Administrators 
 NECAP Testing Information All Staff 
 Vermont Association for Middle Level Education All Staff 
 GoalView web site  
 Common Sense Media - Scope and Sequence Anyone
  Administrators, teachers, secretaries



 Infinite Visions Employee PortalsFor information regarding employment: time off, compensation, forms, and more. All MAUSD employeesNEW!!! Alll employees should use this link for all changes NOW!

Still available for reference only (do not make changes to this portal):
Bristol =
Lincoln =
Monkton =
Mt. Abraham  =
New Haven =
Starksboro =

Infinite Visions Training Link: