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  • Addison County Truancy Protocols with Letter of Clarification

    Posted Mar 9, 2016, 7:47 AM by Web Master
  • Armando Vilaseca - ANESU Interim Superintendent

    The Addison Northeast Supervisory Union extends a warm welcome to former Vermont State Commissioner of Education Armando Vilaseca to serve as the Interim Superintendent of Schools. Superintendent Vilaseca has 34 years of experience in education as a teacher, principal, superintendent, Vermont’s Commissioner of Education and, most recently, advisor to the Director of Education in Abu Dhabi.

    “I have noticed how truly caring and supportive the schools are,” says Superintendent Vliaseca, “I have been impressed with the level of commitment from school board members and the amount of work school board members, teachers and administrators are doing to improve the quality of education available to our students. I have enjoyed having an opportunity to meet teachers and staff and mostly the kids in the supervisory union.”

    Superintendent Vilaseca visits the schools on a weekly basis where he has been impressed by how fluent Simone Skerritt’s Spanish students are, been involved in heated discussions about baseball (he is a Yankees fan) and talked with the kids about his experience in the Middle East where boys and girls attend different schools and where educators are focusing on the same issues as we are: engaging students in their education and graduating students prepared to meet their highest potential.

    “There are challenges and opportunities available for the supervisory union,” says Superintendent Vilaseca, “My goal is to be encouraging and visible and to support the good work that is going on here. We are all in this together.”


    Posted Mar 9, 2016, 7:47 AM by Web Master
  • Relationships-By-Objective Training

    On November 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2015, twenty-seven representatives from Addison Northeast Supervisory Union (ANESU) and Addison Northeast Education Association (ANEDA) met and participated in a "Relationship-By-Objectives" training program conducted by the federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.  Together we embarked on a course to improve our working environments and to develop a better relationship between between School Boards, School and Central Office Administration and Staff.

    We worked together to strengthen communication, practice listening skills and apply problem solving strategies to resolve and improve our working relationships.  We are motivated to move this work forward to positively impact our entire organization.  We are confident that our commitment will support the amazing work that we all do everyday for the learners of our 5-town community.  

    Back Row: Ellen Repstad, Susan Bruhl Amy Johnston, Tom Learmonth, Howard Mansfield, Virginia McLane, Andy Young
    Third Row: Camille Noble, Dawn Griswold, Tory Riley, Christie Sumner, Nancy Cornell, Catrina DiNapoli
    Second Row: Sandy Jump, Betsy Knox, Marikate Kelley, Elin Melchior, Edorah Frazer, Kyra Ginalski, Mikaela Frank
    Front Row:  Betsy Rippner, Carol Fenimore, Kristine Evarts, Ann Pollender, Arnell Paquette, Ann Fisher, Michaela Wisell
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  • Letter to Families about SBAC
    This letter has been sent home with individual student reports.


    Posted Mar 9, 2016, 7:47 AM by Web Master
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Teacher and Support Staff Collective Bargaining  Information - 2015-2016

Collective bargaining negotiations for a successor agreement between the Addison Northeast Supervisory Union, its member districts and its teachers are now under way.  Vermont statutes require school districts to form Bargaining Councils for the purpose of negotiating contracts and each school district within the ANESU has appointed members to serve on the ANESU Bargaining Council. Teachers from each of our schools are represented by the Addison Northeast Education Association and affiliated with Vermont-National Education Association.

All school district meetings are publically warned and conducted in accordance with Vermont open meeting legal requirements. The meetings have been filmed by NEAT TV and minutes of the meetings are taken and posted electronically on the district’s website.

Click here for minutes of Bargaining Council Meetings.

The following contract language, salary and benefit proposals were exchanged by each side. 

The following is a copy of the current negotiated agreement: